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“With gentle guidance from a nurturing leader like Sheila Allee we discover firsthand how journaling can open doors in our hearts and in our minds.” Elaine Thomas, author

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Meet Sheila

Sheila Allee is a lifelong writer who believes that writing is not just a profession. It’s a way of life. And that everyone is a writer if they give themselves permission to take to the page. She has found that writing is not only a way to communicate, it’s also a way to find personal growth, healing from past wounds and greater self-knowledge.

For many years, she was a journalist, speechwriter, and web content contributor and wore many other writing hats. She produced a product – a news story, a speech, a web page. But she has learned that focusing on the process of writing has its own rewards.

Now, she spends her time writing her life stories and teaching others how to journal and reflect on their lives.

Jumpstart Your Journaling Practice

Have you ever told yourself you want to keep a journal or just write about your life? But somehow you can’t find the time or even know where to begin? 10 Ways to Jumpstart a Journaling Habit offers some practical tips on how to get started and keep going. Journaling is not only a great way to record your life experiences, it also can help you grow, heal old wounds and enjoy better health. Get your free copy of this helpful guide today.

Download now and receive this free guide along with weekly journaling prompts from Sheila!

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