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Sheila Allee conducts many writing and journaling workshops – both online and in-person (when it’s safe to do so.) The focus of each session is getting thoughts and feelings on paper and remembering life experiences.

Here are a few of the workshops she has conducted:

Reflections & Legacies – This is a five-session workshop focusing on memories, your life’s work, the people you have loved and lessons learned. Participants come away with the beginnings of a personal biography and ideas for completing such a work.

Older Women’s Legacy (OWL) – This is a five-session workshop for women 50 and older. Emphasis is on writing life stories and sharing them in a group setting. There is also a focus on participants being heard and affirmed. Curriculum is provided by Story Circle Network.

Journaling Your Journey – This six-week course covers the basics of journaling – how to get started, what to write about, basic tools and techniques for establishing a regular habit.

Journaling Your Spiritual Journey – Deepen your spiritual life by writing about your experiences, prayers, dreams, books you’ve read and Bible studies. Participants in this workshop will find practical ways for the care and feeding of the soul.

Journaling for Caregivers – Those who care for a loved one or work in a caregiving profession often become depleted and in need of recharging. The focus of this workshop is on journaling tools and techniques to cope with the stress and demands of caregiving.

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